Posted October 8, 2022 at 12:00 am

Headless Bliss is in hiatus!

After eight years of pouring so much love and dedication into this comic (started in October 2014, but the idea came around 2012), and truly thinking I would finish it in one go until the end, it is with both sadness and excitement for the future that I take a break from this particular universe and storyline, and start working on an alternate version of Headless Bliss for publishing houses to take in and make book(s) out of.

((More info as to why I'm making this decision in this page's commentary.))

If you would like to follow up on any news concerning this new Headless Bliss project (or whatever the title will be when reworked!), I have several social media platforms you can follow me on: 

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Thank you so very much for following this comic, for witnessing these characters' journeys and hardships, and for any encouragement and feedbacks you've sent my way, I'm incredibly grateful for it all.

Until then :)

PS: a little reminder too that my other webcomic Pia & the Little Tiny Things is still ongoing and updating twice a week! It's not Headless Bliss, and lacks cannibals and demons, but there are bugs and many of them do enjoy a bit of cannibalism in their lives, and there are several horned bugs that can resemble tiny demons, so there you are!