Posted August 27, 2022 at 12:00 am

Ready for the big announcement? I know I'm not! :D

It's a sad one, mixed with a hopeful possibility of awesome, here goes:

I've made the decision to put Headless Bliss on a wibbly-wobbly hiatus. This will take effect once the current chapter is over (in about six pages), which means weekly updates will stop around the first half of October 2022.

What does the "wibbly-wobbly" mean? Simply that whenever I have the time and energy for it, I might draw a little page here and there. But it just won't be on any given date or deadline, if it ever happens.

Was this decision easy to make? Nope. I've been fighting off a hiatus for years now, always giving myself a little time to continue this story, because I just don't want to leave these characters alone.

Which is a good thing, because this leads to the "hopeful possibility of awesome": the time I'm trying to free up for myself here (by putting this webcomic on hiatus), is a time I want to use to submit a new, re-written version of Headless Bliss, to comic book publishers. 

I want to remaster, revamp, improve the story that is Headless Bliss, and I absolutely want to get a paid contract for it, so that in the end, I can boost my weakening financial situation, get a chance to rework Headless Bliss (so many things I've learned through the years that I want to improve on!), and have beautiful physical comic books to share with a larger audience!

That's my goal anyway :)

I'm still very sad to leave this webcomic with no promise on returning to it. I wish I could promise it, but there are just too many uncertainties right now. Even if I get that other new Headless Bliss published, I'll still be sad about leaving this one unfinished. I've put more than seven years (eight?) into it and so much of myself is in this, and I've promised myself to keep going until the end for so long...

But I've had my reality check, and I'm trying to make it so that this reality check works in our favor with this publishing house idea. I also have other projects I have in mind for publishing houses that I'd love to explore as well! And I need time for it. 

I've had such an amazing journey with webcomics as a whole, of course Go Get a Roomie! was the one that made it all possible, giving me a decent living wage to keep on webcomic'ing for years and years! Honestly, it's amazing that I've kept at it for so long without ever needing contracts on the side to keep it rolling (though there has been moments when doing commissions did help!)

Now I see times are changing for me, and I'm both scared and excited about it! 

If I want to keep making comic books for a living, I need to adapt and accept the changes and keep moving forward. I hope you'll keep moving forward with me and YOU KNOW I'm gonna spread the word if ever Headless Bliss 2.0 is published and printed!!

With all this said, and the hard part done, I thank you for reading this post, thank you so fucking much for following this story with me, I'm incredibly grateful to have been doing this for so long. I'll do my best to keep this story going, whatever form it takes.